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A Marathon of a Post

Posted Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 by Mollie

On December 6 I successfully completed my first marathon!  I had been training for it since October along with my sister Jamie and our long time best friend Melanie.  Years ago, Mel and I had set a goal of running a marathon at some point in our lives (Jamie already ran one 4 years ago!), and I am so glad that the timing worked out just right this year.  We traveled to Las Vegas for their inaugural Rock & Roll Marathon, which was sold out with nearly 28,000 people running!

I can think of 3 people who would like to hear the long version (that is  my mom, my aunt, and Hillary!) so I am going to post it here.  It will be nice for me to have it written out to remember someday, too.


Natalie Meets Santa

Posted Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 by Mollie

This Christmas, it was really fun to see Natalie noticing and getting excited about all the various parts of the holiday season– last year she was just too young to put it all together.  She can recount the Christmas story and sing Christmas songs.  I think my favorite was today’s “Twelve Days of Christmas/Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” mashup– hilarious!!  She loved driving around looking at lights, reading books, decorating, presents, reindeer, everything.

Every year at the McLaughlin family party there is a Santa, who hands out gifts that each parent brings for their own kids.  In the future we plan on telling Natalie that Santa is not a real person but a fun tradition based on Saint Nicholas, however this year I don’t think she could quite comprehend that.  In any case, she was SO EXCITED.  I thought she was going to be too shy to go up and claim her gift, but no!  She knew just what to do.  Yes, her present was the strangest looking one.  And no, its not a mop.

She loves her pony, who has gone through a variety of names, including Carol, Noni, Pink Mr. Ed, Rudolph and Pink Texas. Such typical Natalie.

Here’s all the McLaughlin cousins.  Nata had such a fun time dancing and singing with the other little girls.  She is very friendly and gets along easily.  She was a little worried that the baby next to her was going to touch her stick pony, though, and kept inching away while we were taking pictures.

I think this is such a cute picture of Natalie with my sister Laura!

We came home late that night, and while we were putting Ben to bed, Natalie made up a little bed for herself and her pony on the couch.  Isn’t that sweet?

A Little Christmas Decor

Posted Friday, December 25th, 2009 by Mollie

Some of you may have recognized the live tree we got last year in other pictures.  I managed to keep it alive to use again!  It’s grown some and of course has a bigger container this year.  It’s a little offbeat but so are we, so it suits us. 🙂

I like to decorate differently every year, which is why I bought silver ornaments years ago– they go pretty well with anything, like the black, white, and Tiffany blue that I am loving right now.

Here’s the colorful fabric scrap garland that my mom made me last year, the bright colors were perfect for this year too.  I hang my Christmas cards from it, and it is now almost impossible to see because of all the cards!

Merry Christmas Morning

Posted Friday, December 25th, 2009 by Mollie

Merry Christmas!!  This week we have had lots of fun with family and friends, with even more to come.  Hopefully I will get to blog it all now that we have a long weekend!

Look at this excitement– Natalie was soooo happy to wake up to presents this morning!   “It’s Christmas Eve!” she told me.  She is probably confused because we’ve had so many parties and festivities, but she’s loving it all anyway.

Ben was just happy about all the paper laying around, and the music coming from Natalie’s new CD player.  We also heard a lot of this, “No, Ben, is NOT for you!”  She says it politely but firmly, what a good big sister.  She was happy to share her puzzles, though!

I told Andy that we didn’t have to exchange gifts this year, but he surprised me anyway with the Anthro dress I’d been pining after.

Fortunately I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist getting me a present, so I got him this hard drive.

We’re looking forward to a relaxing day and dinner with the Wilkinson’s & Satterbergs tonight!

December Randoms

Posted Sunday, December 20th, 2009 by Mollie

I have so many things that I mean to post but never end up getting around to, so this month I will try doing it all at once!


I hesitated to post this picture because it is not up to my usual standards (grabbed the camera fast and forgot it was on manual settings wrong for the room) but I am going to because it cracks me up despite the yellowness.  Ben managed to get a hold of this ornament and was crawling around with it dangling from his mouth (hence the rush to photograph).   Whats funnier is he was doing his “I-don’t-want-my-knees-to-touch-this-cold-hard-tile” spider crawl.  I will try to get a video of him doing that, it is the funniest thing ever…


Here is Natalie down at the mailbox to look for Christmas cards.  Why is she dressed like we’re going to the beach?  Because it was 80 degrees out!00004

I haven’t been keeping up with paperwork very well since Ben was born, look at my pile of papers to be shredded.  Good thing I have such an excited helper– too bad she needs constant supervision!   It would have been easier to do it myself.  Oh, and we are still only halfway through, keep having to stop so my poor little shredder doesn’t get overheated and die.


Here’s Natalie and some of her friends down in Old Town Camarillo for the tree lighting, how cute are they?


Both kids are at an age where they like to smile for the camera!! Yes!!


I love the way Natalie curls up into a ball when Andy takes her to bed after reading to her in our room.   She does it the same way every night.  I tried to get a picture but of course she started trying to ham it up so it’s not very authentic.


We had a nice rainy week this month.  Natalie has been asking for months to play with my umbrella, but I won’t let her because of course it would end up damaged somehow.  I told her that we can only use it when it’s raining.  So of course when she woke up and it was raining, she was quick to remind me!   She was more than a little disappointed when her umbrella didn’t help her fly like in “Mary Poppins”, her current favorite movie which she saw at Grandma’s house!

Hope you enjoyed the picture overload… 🙂