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Photo Hike

Posted Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 by Mollie

Our favorite weekend family activity these days is hiking.  The kids absolutely love it- they  run and climb and throw rocks and chase lizards until they are exhausted and sleep REALLY well that night!  My ulterior motive is turning these “nature walks” into “photography walks”.  I’m trying to scout good locations around Camarillo, since I’m hoping to test the waters of taking on my own photography clients for photo shoots by the end of the year!  The lighting wasn’t perfect since it was a little early in the evening, but I suppose that is good practice for me as well.  What do you think?  Does this place have potential for family photos?

Out takes: just pretend they’re smiling, okay?

P.S.– Natalie would want you to know that those are not tights or leg warmers on her legs, they are “bug protectors” which are very important when hiking!

More Joy of Love

Posted Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 by Mollie

Oh boy! I am so behind on this project.  I have given up on keeping up with daily assignments, let alone blogging them!  It will certainly extend into March for me but that’s OK. 🙂  I will pick and choose a few each week to share with you guys.

{Love to hate}

In this assignment I was supposed to photograph something a loved one does that drives me NUTS, but life wouldn’t be the same without it… so I caught Andy using his Droid at the dinner table.  When a question comes up in conversation that no one can answer, he loves to whip out Wikipedia, find the answer, and educate everyone around him.  Smart phones at the table are a pet peeve of mine… but on the other hand, I do learn a lot of interesting information about volcanoes and the British government this way!

{What they wear}

This is a typical outfit that Natalie would choose to wear on any given day.  The pink ruffled dress (which is getting too small) is a favorite.  She always comes up with great outfits, there really should be a weekly “What I Wore” feature on this blog!

{the eyes}

I have found that my covered porch in the morning light is the spot to get a good picture of the eyes.  Benjamin got to be my main subject for this because, oddly enough, he is the only one who will sit still and make eye contact with the camera! I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

Here’s the best I could do with Natalie; not as clear, but still cute.

The Joy of LOVE {Day 3}

Posted Saturday, February 5th, 2011 by Mollie

{Day 3: Then and Now}

For Thursday’s “then and now” assignment, I wanted to document Natalie’s hair growth over the past two years.   (Bonus: you can also see my photography skills improve!)  Her hair has basically been awesome since birth, when she arrived with a full head of hair, complete with frosted blonde tips.  It quickly turned red… then strawberry blonde and CURLY!   It is now extremely long, having never been cut.  She loves it, but lately she’s been begging for a haircut.  Seeing as  long curly hair is really high maintenance… I think she will be getting a trip to mommy’s salon for her 4th birthday!  It will definitely be harder on me than on her!

The Joy of LOVE {Days 1 & 2}

Posted Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 by Mollie

Photography is my hobby (well, one of many).  I am so fortune to have a side job working as assistant for an awesome wedding photographer, which has taught me an incredible amount over the past year… and I’m only  scratching the surface!  This month I am attempting to challenge myself again an online  workshop through one of my favorite photography websites, Willette Designs.  I have always wanted to do one, but always hesitate to add yet another activity to my schedule. However, this Valentine’s themed workshop is being offered for FREE and the topic is awesome so I couldn’t resist!  There is a new assignment every day and I will try to share as many as possible here on the blog.

{Day 1 Assignment: Capture someone you love, doing what they do}

Every morning, Andy makes me coffee.  He has the timing down perfectly, it usually finishes brewing just as I walk in the door at 6:45 from my morning workout.  He even pours it for me, and fixes it just the way I like it (lots of milk).  This is one of my favorite things that he does, so it was an easy choice!

{Day 2: How they look. Try to capture the essence/expression/posture that describes your loved one.}

This is B’s guilty face.  I see it a lot.  Today I caught him red-handed, sitting on top of the patio table, digging up a pot of my succulents.  Don’t worry, he just got a little scolding, since he ended up  helping me out with my photography assignment.

{Bonus: Because it doesn’t seem right now to have Natalie in here, too}

My house doesn’t get great light, and I don’t like using a flash, so… I am learning to embrace the graininess of shooting at a high ISO because sometimes I can get a great, natural expression like this one!