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Christmas 2011

Posted Sunday, January 29th, 2012 by Mollie

I know it is embarrassingly late to be posting anything from Christmas, but my sister specifically asked for some pictures.  Sadly, I barely took any pictures at our family gatherings (and December in general) due to being so sick all month. I wish there were better representation of all the people and events (so sorry, family), but here are a few pictures.

Christmas Eve at my Aunt’s house:

The set of fake mustaches were my White Elephant gift… so awesome.

The outside table might have gotten a little silly, and Laura might have regretted sitting with us.


Jamie built a castle out of cups and those party poppers.

Ben’s White Elephant gift was a package of Gerber Puffs (baby food), which he thoroughly enjoyed after dinner with his BFF Aunt Jamie.

Christmas Day brunch was at my house after church:


The End!

Pre-Christmas Festivities

Posted Sunday, December 18th, 2011 by Mollie

We’ve been busy around here with all the Christmas activities that December brings. Hopefully some truly meaningful stuff is sinking in, along with all the fun traditions! Unfortunately my camera was broken/in the shop for a couple weeks, so I had to rely on my iPhone to document all the fun times! Thanks to Instagram they actually come out looking pretty cool and I ended up having a fun time with it… I might have to have these made into a little book! Here’s a sampling for you to enjoy:


A quote from Natalie as I was taking the picture above: “Daddy, I’m helping you by management!”

As soon as we got home, Ben dashed off to find his plastic saw… he knew exactly what to do.

An afternoon of painting salt dough ornaments with Grandma.


Halloween 2011

Posted Sunday, November 6th, 2011 by Mollie

Our kids were Violet and Dash from the movie “The Incredibles” this year.  We are getting a lot of use out of these costumes, since the kids have been acting out the movie for weeks!  They even introduce themselves to strangers and friends alike as Violet and Dash. Unfortunately Violet’s mask disappeared the week before Halloween…

Since our neighborhood isn’t great for trick-or-treating, we headed to Old Town Camarillo on Saturday, where the stores pass out candy. The kids were very excited to walk with Jessica!


Sad attempt at a family portrait:

Theirs turned out much better!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 by Mollie

Since we couldn’t send everyone a Valentine this year… here are some moments from our Valentine’s Day yesterday. 🙂

Ringing In The New Year

Posted Saturday, January 15th, 2011 by Mollie

New Year’s Eve was spent at the Curtis’ house with three other couples and 5 kids running around like crazy. It was super fun!  When the kids started getting tired we put them in their pajamas and turned a movie on… it worked great!  Ben went to bed in the guest room and the grown-ups got to keep hanging out.

(Natalie, Grace, and Audrey, completely engrossed in a Tinkerbell movie.)

Playing games and eating brownies till midnight is the best kind of party!

Here’s a picture of Natalie at midnight… she was barely staying awake.

Audrey didn’t quite make it!

The next morning it was off to the Santa Barbara Zoo, our New Year’s Day Tradition.

The otters had 5 babies are they are so cute and fun to watch!  My favorite of the day.

Ben loved these macaws, because he can make a squawking noise just like them.  Natalie’s favorite was the baby elephant statue, as usual.

I thought this was so cute and funny… the gorilla loves his brown blankie, too!  He was dragging it around with him everywhere, just like someone else I know…

We finished off our Santa Barbara excursion at the train station for lunch with Uncle Matt!