Weekend Projects: Pillow Covers

June 6th, 2011 by Mollie

I love reading about what other people do on their weekends!  Personally, I love to stay home and work on my never-ending list of “projects” than anything else ( I think this drives Andy crazy sometimes).  This past weekend (yesterday), I got some photography experience at a wine & food festival, which is also awesome…  but here’s what I did the weekend before:

I decided it was time to update my living room’s look for spring and summer.  My favorite and most frugal way to change it up is to sew up some new pillow slipcovers!  I am no seamstress, but they are simple to make and fabric can be found cheap!   This time I got super fancy and attempted some very professional looking piping around the edges (thanks to help from my mom and an Internet tutorial).

I wanted some kind of bold print because my living room has a lot of neutrals, and found this fun and unusual black & white pattern. I am so pleased with how these turned out and ended up LOVING the fabric, which apparently is vaguely reminiscent of animal print… Mom said “zebra”, Hannah said “Dalmatian”, and Natalie threw a scrap over her back and said, “Pretend I’m a cow!”

The yellow rosette pillow was a gift card splurge, and my favorite Target purchase ever. I normally stick to making them myself but I could not resist that happy pillow! The white ruffled pillow hiding in the back is something I made last summer.

After I mastered the piping on the black and white pillows, I tried this one with piping AND a ruffle (the LOVE pillow was an Etsy purchase).  It was not easy, and came out far from perfect, but I am happy with it!  My ultimate goal is to get experienced enough to sew a slipcover for that green wingback chair some day!  As you can see, it is getting quite worn.

I think the living room ended up looking bright and cheerful for the beginning of summer!





May 27th, 2011 by Mollie

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It has been about a month since I blogged… May was a very busy month!  I will try to get up to speed, but next week begins my Spring Cleaning.  I just had a couple funny pictures for you today…

I frequently dress the family in coordinating outfits, completely unintentionally.  Last Sunday we were walking up to church when I realized that both Natalie and I were wearing skinny jeans, silver colored shoes, blue ruffled tops, and cardigans!  When we got home I took a picture to mark the occasion, as I usually try to do when that sort of thing happens.

A couple weeks before I snapped this one of the kids on our way out the door to a playdate, wearing complimenting outfits (again, I do not do this on purpose, and usually it is someone else who points it out to me!):



Going back in the archives to October, Natalie and I wore similar outfits to MOPS one day:


Just wanted to share those funnies! Hopefully I’ll be back with more soon.

Ben’s Birthday Recap!

April 29th, 2011 by Mollie

On his actual birthday, Ben got a donut for breakfast (it’s tradition).

That day was pretty normal.  Had a MOPS planning meeting at church, followed by a play date. That evening after dinner, Ben got to open his present. I was trying to get him all pumped up. Hard to tell who was more excited: Ben, or Natalie?

We got Ben a balance bike for his birthday. It doesn’t have any pedals, he is supposed to learn to coast along and balance on it.  He really likes it but is just a little bit too short still to work it properly.  Give him another inch and it will be a lot easier!

The next day was Ben’s party.  We invited his best buddies Isaac, Jack and Will (and their families) for a little lunch and cake.

It’s pretty easy to entertain little boys… some bubbles dumped on the ground are a great thing to play in!

The cake is my favorite part, you may have noticed.  This one was three layers white cake with Swiss meringue buttercream with a touch of lemon juice (quite possibly my favorite frosting ever).  The filling was strawberries, lemon curd, and more frosting.  It turned out very similar to a Bread Basket cake, if you are familiar with that Camarillo bakery.

My friend Katie took pictures so I could concentrate on the party.  This is not the greatest family picture, but at least we tried!  And the birthday boy was happy, that’s what matters, right?


Gator Run 10K

April 25th, 2011 by Mollie

The results are in, and I did manage to beat my best time from 5 years ago!  I crossed the finish line in 51:10, 40 seconds faster.  I was having a really bad running day though and feel like I could have run under 50 minutes if it hadn’t been for the stomach ache, acid reflux, and 80 degree heat in Simi Valley!  There is always another goal in mind, so I am making up a training schedule to get ready for another race in July!  My friend Tiffany ran too and we had a fun time together.  The fun thing about smaller local races is that you actually have a chance of winning an award.  She came in 2nd and I came in 4th in our age category, not bad!

Two-Year-Old Benjamin

April 20th, 2011 by Mollie

Happy Birthday Ben!

(Pretend I wrote this three weeks ago.)

I can’t believe the “baby” of our family is now two years old!  He is talking up a storm and showing his hilarious personality.  I really thought he would be the quiet one, since his big sister could talk your ear off!  But he repeats everything she says and has built up quite a vocabulary of his own sayings. His little exclamations are so funny:

“So cute!” (very high pitched)

“Watch this.”

“Oh maaaan, never EVER!”

“I do dat! I do dat!”

“Yeeeaaahhh, I know!”

“Okay dokay!”

“I the leader!”

“Seeya! ‘Morrow!” (See you tomorrow)

Even though he will copy anything you say, Ben refuses to say his own name.  This is clearly some sort of joke, because he finds it very funny.  He does refer to himself as “buddy” sometimes, for example, “Buddy come too?”

His favorite joke is to hide one of his shoes behind his back while you put his shoes on, shrug his shoulders and say it’s “Gone! Hiding!”

He is still inseparable from his beloved brown blanket for long periods of time, but has been good about leaving it in the car when we are out and about.  Ben changed the blanket’s name from “Beeky” to something more like “Beekadee” and sometimes even “Beekadee Boy”.  He definitely thinks it’s a boy blanket. The other day he was asking me, “Where Beekadee? Where him go?”

Robots are one of Ben’s favorite things.  One day while he and Natalie were playing with the cooking utensils he was thrilled to discover a robot (AKA bottle opener) in the drawer.   The other picture is Ben pretending to be a robot.  He did this himself while playing in Andy’s side of the closet. (I try not to keep too many toys around… hence the playing in unusual places.)  He does a robot walk and talks in a robotic voice.

He is a loyal brother to his “Dada” as he calls Nata (confusing at first, but he calls Andy “Daddy”.)  We could not have asked for a better playmate for her!  It’s fun to watch now that he is understanding and so involved in the games she comes up with for them! What a guy.

Here’s a little video from my phone, of Ben counting. He can actually count to ten when he’s not hamming it up for the camera!