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Cupcakes & Friends

Posted Sunday, November 14th, 2010 by Mollie

One morning my friend Hannah and I got together and made about 150 mini cupcakes to serve at a party… with four kids running around, it only took us four hours! 😉  It was well worth the effort because the cupcakes were both cute and delicious.  We served them at a fabulous Stella & Dot jewelry party that Hannah was hosting that night.

Hannah recently moved into her parents’ rental home, which was the site of many a sleepover back in high school.  So when the party was over, OF COURSE we had to have another one with our circle of childhood friends, just for old time’s sake!  Turns out the majority of us can still stay up talking till 2 AM, and haven’t lost our love of taking silly pictures and ordering pizza at midnight.

Love these girls… so glad we are still friends!


Posted Thursday, November 4th, 2010 by Mollie

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It’s a good thing we keep the camera handy so we can remember  funny little moments like this.  We were getting ready for church when Andy caught Ben “shaving” his face with my hair dryer.

Not so funny: in a 24 hour period, Ben broke my steam mop (so sad), brought me a dead bird that he found in the yard, and burned him self on the toaster.  He keeps me on my toes.

Natalie wanted me to take her picture with the paper full of “N”‘s she wrote for Grandma.  She said, “WAIT! Let me put my pen in my ear first!”  I started to tell her that we do NOT put pens in our ears, then realized she was doing the same thing I always do with my pens.




Pumpkins & Palm Trees

Posted Sunday, October 31st, 2010 by Mollie

This is our local pumpkin patch.  I love all the palm trees in the background… it’s very California.

The hay maze was a HUGE hit with our kids. They could have run around in there for hours!

Group picture… not so much.

Ben loves to find the biggest pumpkin he can pick up.

On the Farm

Posted Sunday, October 24th, 2010 by Mollie

Last week’s field trip was to the Painted Pony Farm.  It was a rainy week, but the sun came out for just two hours while we were there!  Their pumpkin patch is the real deal– you have to clip it off the vine yourself.

Natalie was NOT interested in holding one of the sweet little chicks, she thought their “claws” would hurt her. Ben was loving the chicks though.  Except, he thought he was supposed to hold them by their heads.  That’s why I don’t have a picture of either of my kids holding a chick like I was hoping for!

Natalie loved the horses best, as usual.  She talks to them, just chattering away.  As for Ben, he was so excited to grab handfuls of pellets to feed to the animals!  This was pretty much the thrill of his life

I visited this very farm many times growing up so it was awesome to see it again.  It’s still run by the same people and looks exactly the same!

Long Beach Marathon

Posted Sunday, October 24th, 2010 by Mollie

Last weekend my dear friend Edith and I ran the Long Beach Marathon!  When we became early morning running buddies last December, and trained for a half-marathon in March, she told me she didn’t think she’d ever run a full marathon.  Then we got lost in the trails of Chesebro Canyon and turned a 2 hour run into 4.5 hours of running and hiking the steep hills… making it through that experience helped convince her to train for a marathon with me!

Look at those beautiful gray skies… 60 degrees and overcast is PERFECT running weather!  Do you see us in our pink jackets?

My mom came along to be our driver/photographer/cheerleader and we are so glad she did!  She even took the bus across town to meet us at the 11 mile marker.  We might not be able to run any more marathons unless mom comes along!   I told Edith that mom would be sure to come up with a cute and catchy sign, she always does:

In the picture on the left, we are at mile 6, feeling great and very excited.   At mile 24, the smiles are mostly fake… we’re nauseous and just wanted to be done!

The race was quite enjoyable… is that weird to say?  The course’s constantly changing scenery kept things interesting.  I got a cramp in my side at mile 11 after I scarfed down a banana and a donut hole (someone was handing them out!) but it was gone within a mile.  Running didn’t even start to feel difficult until mile 17 so that’s when we turned on our iPods.  Sure we were feeling a little sick at the end,  but it was worth it!  We came in at a great time: 4:42!  We were thrilled with the time, as well as the the fact that we got to stay together the whole time, and never stopped to walk.

Our husbands, kids and my mom met us at the finish line for some snacks and the trek back to the cars.  That walk always seems to take forever!   I just wanted to go to bed.

We’re already planning our next run… a half marathon in December!