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Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Posted Saturday, April 17th, 2010 by Mollie

They let me hide the eggs… so fun!

Natalie loves this game!

Ben enjoyed the hunt as well.  He’s up for anything that involves crawling through bushes and putting stuff in his mouth.

We thought that this bucket of Easter grass would be a great way to keep the kids (that’s our friend Aspen, who is 1 month older than Ben) sitting still for a picture.  Turns out it’s impossible to get them to look at a camera with that kind of distraction around!

Valentine’s Day

Posted Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by Mollie

Natalie is always thrilled to jump on board with any holiday she learns about, and Valentine’s Day was no exception.  (I’m just glad she doesn’t constantly ask to go trick-or-treating again!)  All week long she looked forward to a Valentine’s party at her friend Ava’s house.  The girls got to decorate crowns, and eat heart shaped sandwiches for lunch.

This is what happens when lunch is left unattended!

These are the Valentines that Natalie and I made and gave this year: iPods!  Complete with Hershey’s Kiss earbuds.  They were a big hit.

Christmas Eve Pictures

Posted Monday, January 4th, 2010 by Mollie

Let’s go back in time so I can catch up on the last couple Christmas events… I know my family will want to see the pictures!

Christmas Eve was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house, as usual.  It is always a wonderful, welcoming place to spend time with the family.  Andy had to work until noon so we got a late start on the day.  Fortunately Natalie was able to hitch a ride with Grandma and Grandpa so she would not have to miss out on a single minute.  By the time we arrived she had already opened her present and was proudly displaying her baked goods:

What a cute little cookie set (made of wood, with velcro to attach to tray and icing) and baker’s outfit.  I wonder where she learned to love baking?!