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Natalie’s Birthday Party

Posted Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 by Mollie

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some pictures from Natalie’s First Birthday Party! She loved playing with her friends and relatives, eating her cake, and was especially delighted to hear everyone sing Happy Birthday to her!




img_7774_sm.JPG img_7750_sm.JPG img_7766_sm.JPG



img_7769_sm.JPG img_7791_sm.JPG img_7820_sm.JPG




Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Posted Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 by Toad

Here in the Wilkinson household, we are eagerly anticipating Nata’s first birthday coming up on the first! Here’s a look at some of her latest exploits.

Nata is doing her part in the preparations by growing into new toys, like her uncle Mike’s Nintendo DS.

What’chu Got There?

Five more minutes!

She’s having great adventures in mobility, as well as experimenting with the various uses of beverage straws!

Happy Bug

Yumm… Straws!


Morning Baby?

Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2008 by Toad

Natalie has asked me to inform you all that she is not a morning baby:

Morning Baby?

Just as a side note, I’d like to remind you all that to see our private content, you need to register an account and be logged in. The only loophole is to subscribe to our feed (highly recommended!), either through your browser’s feed options, or the “RSS” link on the side bar. Also, if you’re having any trouble getting your password, be sure to check your junk folders.


Posted Monday, January 14th, 2008 by Mollie

Last week we spent four days in Yosemite National Park with my family. The Valley is beautiful this time of year, and empty of tourists. We stayed in the lovely Ahwahnee Hotel, so it was nice have a warm place to come back to after spending time outside– it was freezing! As you can see, it was very foggy when we first arrived.

20080110-044_med.jpg 20080110-046_sm.jpg

20080110-062_sm.jpg 00007_sm.jpg

Natalie loved the snow so much!

00003_sm.jpg 20080110-035_sm.jpg

20080110-047_sm.jpg 20080110-077_sm.jpg

There was much making of snowmen…

n30511460_31346855_6424.jpg n30511460_31346867_9524.jpg

20080110-086_sm.jpg n30511460_31346858_7181.jpg

…and hiking, and eating, and hanging out with the family. We had a fun, refreshing time.

00024_sm.jpg 00006_sm.jpg 00008_sm.jpg

img_7310.JPG img_7312.JPG

If you are interested, I have a ton more pictures posted on my Facebook!

Administrivia: Private Posts

Posted Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 by Toad

We’ve added a new feature! We Toads now have the ability to make “private” posts, for news or pictures that we would prefer kept to friends who love us at least enough to register an account on our blog. As an added bonus for our readers, registered accounts do not need to type in the funky visual codes each time you wish to comment.

Registering an account is just as easy as it sounds. Scroll down a bit; you’ll notice a new “Register” link in the Meta category. That will take you to a shiny blue and white page which will ask you for a username and an e-mail address. Once you’ve input those two pieces of information, a random password will be e-mailed the address you gave. When you come back and log in (via the “Login” link just below the register link), the Register link will be replaced by a “Site Admin” link. Contrary to its scary name, you won’t be able to make any real changes, but you will be able to change your own password, your display name, and some other handy things.

If you encounter any problems with the registration process, please let me know as soon as possible, by whatever means available to you.