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Posted Thursday, April 14th, 2011 by Mollie

I love to see what the kids come up with when left to their own devices.  One morning they built a “rocketship” out of chairs and car seats, completely by themselves.  Here they are doing their “1-2-3… BLAST OFF!”  Natalie is great at coming up with fun make believe games and Ben is thrilled to play along.  I love how well they play together.  This was actually back in February and I didn’t have a chance to post it, but I thought you all might enjoy one of my favorite things in action.  This is why I keep the camera in arm’s reach!

Natalie’s 4th Birthday Party

Posted Monday, March 14th, 2011 by Mollie

This post is going to be heavy on the pictures, because they really do speak for themselves. We celebrated Natalie’s real birthday on March 1, but couldn’t schedule her party with friends until March 11. This is very confusing for a 4 year old! She very anxiously awaited the day of her party.

Andy took the kids to run errands in the morning so I could finish the cake…

6 layers of chocolate cake, with toasted marshmallow in between, and chocolate malt frosting on the outside.  I always have a stash of recipes I want to make on special occasions, and this is the one Natalie chose.

Natalie has been blessed with so many sweet friends (who also have awesome mommies… bonus!).

I think it took Ben a full 24 hours to come down from his sugar/party high! He was pretty wound up!

After the party, with the Curtis kids… these 4 spend a LOT of time together and always play so nicely!

I think you can tell by Natalie’s face that her party was a success!





The Joy of LOVE {Day 3}

Posted Saturday, February 5th, 2011 by Mollie

{Day 3: Then and Now}

For Thursday’s “then and now” assignment, I wanted to document Natalie’s hair growth over the past two years.   (Bonus: you can also see my photography skills improve!)  Her hair has basically been awesome since birth, when she arrived with a full head of hair, complete with frosted blonde tips.  It quickly turned red… then strawberry blonde and CURLY!   It is now extremely long, having never been cut.  She loves it, but lately she’s been begging for a haircut.  Seeing as  long curly hair is really high maintenance… I think she will be getting a trip to mommy’s salon for her 4th birthday!  It will definitely be harder on me than on her!

The Nutcracker

Posted Friday, December 17th, 2010 by Mollie

This week Natalie and I were at the ballet again, this time for The Nutcracker!  You may remember that earlier this year, our trip to see Noah’s Ark was a big hit!  Several of Natalie’s good friends and their mommies were also there to enjoy the show… thanks Olivia for organizing this! 🙂

There were more girls, but these were the ones who held still for a picture!  Their expressions are so funny.

We had GREAT seats this time, and really enjoyed the ballet!   Natalie has a surprisingly good attention span for this kind of thing.

Tea Party Time

Posted Thursday, December 16th, 2010 by Mollie

I really dislike it when the kids empty out my kitchen drawers when I’m not looking– it happens a lot around here.  But I can’t argue with Natalie’s adorable tea parties.  She sets this up all by herself!