The Joy of LOVE {Day 3}

by Mollie

{Day 3: Then and Now}

For Thursday’s “then and now” assignment, I wanted to document Natalie’s hair growth over the past two years.   (Bonus: you can also see my photography skills improve!)  Her hair has basically been awesome since birth, when she arrived with a full head of hair, complete with frosted blonde tips.  It quickly turned red… then strawberry blonde and CURLY!   It is now extremely long, having never been cut.  She loves it, but lately she’s been begging for a haircut.  Seeing as  long curly hair is really high maintenance… I think she will be getting a trip to mommy’s salon for her 4th birthday!  It will definitely be harder on me than on her!

4 Responses to “The Joy of LOVE {Day 3}”

  1. bobnlori says:

    Natalie is growing up! (Not too fast, please). Her hair is beautiful, but I can sure understand why shorter would be a lot easier while she’s so active. “Then and Now” is an interesting assignment. I have some of those “comparison” pictures around here. Gma

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh wow! I should really document Eva’s hair growth sometime! It really is high maintenance to take care of long, curly hair. I feel your pain. However, I can also understand missing it when Natalie gets it cut. I am sure it will look adorable no matter the length! Love this assignment your doing!

  3. Bethany says:

    Her hair is just gorgeous!!!

    I was looking at pictures yesterday from our wedding…she was just a little baby! It’s so fun to watch her grow…can’t believe she’s almost four!

    ♥ Bethany

  4. Mom says:

    Short curly hair is not easy either 🙂 Maybe we should just say curly hair is not easy. But it sure it pretty!!

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