The Joy of LOVE {Days 1 & 2}

by Mollie

Photography is my hobby (well, one of many).  I am so fortune to have a side job working as assistant for an awesome wedding photographer, which has taught me an incredible amount over the past year… and I’m only  scratching the surface!  This month I am attempting to challenge myself again an online  workshop through one of my favorite photography websites, Willette Designs.  I have always wanted to do one, but always hesitate to add yet another activity to my schedule. However, this Valentine’s themed workshop is being offered for FREE and the topic is awesome so I couldn’t resist!  There is a new assignment every day and I will try to share as many as possible here on the blog.

{Day 1 Assignment: Capture someone you love, doing what they do}

Every morning, Andy makes me coffee.  He has the timing down perfectly, it usually finishes brewing just as I walk in the door at 6:45 from my morning workout.  He even pours it for me, and fixes it just the way I like it (lots of milk).  This is one of my favorite things that he does, so it was an easy choice!

{Day 2: How they look. Try to capture the essence/expression/posture that describes your loved one.}

This is B’s guilty face.  I see it a lot.  Today I caught him red-handed, sitting on top of the patio table, digging up a pot of my succulents.  Don’t worry, he just got a little scolding, since he ended up  helping me out with my photography assignment.

{Bonus: Because it doesn’t seem right now to have Natalie in here, too}

My house doesn’t get great light, and I don’t like using a flash, so… I am learning to embrace the graininess of shooting at a high ISO because sometimes I can get a great, natural expression like this one!

9 Responses to “The Joy of LOVE {Days 1 & 2}”

  1. Amanda says:

    You are lucky! What a great guy you have. And beautiful children!

  2. Yasher says:

    Lovely photos!

  3. Chelsie says:

    what a fun project! i especially love ben’s guilty face, lol! i look forward to seeing more of your pics:)

  4. Hillary says:

    fun project! I totally think we have the same rug! Love Target!

  5. Uncle Mike says:

    LOVE B’s Guilty face! He’s hilarious! Great shot of Nata, too!
    This is a really cool assignment. I wish I got this cool of homework!

  6. bobnlori says:

    I’m so glad you’re sharing these assignments with us! Mollie, the pictures are wonderful! Ben is so cute, and I love Natalie’s expression. We’ll be checking this every day!

  7. Olivia C. says:

    Gorgeous picture of Nata!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous pictures of all 3 of the loves in your life! You are going to be a great photographer. I love how your shots are not posed. Although posed shots are “pretty” I much prefer the “real”. Yours are my favorite. 🙂

  9. Mom says:

    Love the coffee! wtg Andy. Ben’s face is priceless and I adore Nata’s freckles 🙂 Ok, I have a thing for freckles what can I say.

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