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The Nutcracker

Posted Friday, December 17th, 2010 by Mollie

This week Natalie and I were at the ballet again, this time for The Nutcracker!  You may remember that earlier this year, our trip to see Noah’s Ark was a big hit!  Several of Natalie’s good friends and their mommies were also there to enjoy the show… thanks Olivia for organizing this! 🙂

There were more girls, but these were the ones who held still for a picture!  Their expressions are so funny.

We had GREAT seats this time, and really enjoyed the ballet!   Natalie has a surprisingly good attention span for this kind of thing.

Tea Party Time

Posted Thursday, December 16th, 2010 by Mollie

I really dislike it when the kids empty out my kitchen drawers when I’m not looking– it happens a lot around here.  But I can’t argue with Natalie’s adorable tea parties.  She sets this up all by herself!

Thanksgiving 2010

Posted Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 by Mollie

This year’s Thanksgiving was not what we expected.  With just hours to go until Thanksgiving dinner at the Satterburgs, we were hit with the stomach flu!  Not the most fun way to spend a long weekend, but at least we can be thankful that we had those days free from our normal work and activities, and didn’t have to feel any guilt over laying around doing nothing.

We did start gearing up for the Christmas season, though.  The kids and I went “shopping” in the hand-me-downs box in their closet, and found some great Christmas footie pajamas.

We also hauled out the Christmas decor and did a little decorating.  I think this is the last year I will use my live tree.  It’s grown a couple feet since last year and doesn’t seem too happy to still be living in a container!

These were two VERY excited tree trimmers.  It still looks a little sparse, but  Mommy the Head Decorator was starting to get sick and wasn’t feeling terrible motivated.  Anyway, its hard enough to get them to leave those ornaments on the tree!

The tree inspired Natalie to dance, so she changed outfits (typical).

Underwood Farms

Posted Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 by Mollie

I keep forgetting to post these pictures of Ben’s first pony ride!  One day Natalie was at a birthday party, so Benjamin and I headed over to Underwood Family Farms with my friend Olivia, and her daughter Grace.  Underwood has a really fun setup with animals, rides, games, tractors, and giant fields full of pumpkins.  Ben was really interested in the turkey (it was bigger than him).

Ben got to have his first pony ride!  I wasn’t sure how he’d do… mostly because he sometimes decides to scream about strangers he doesn’t like.  But he was way too pleased to notice any of that.

Grace and Ben:

I think this is the last post involving pumpkin patches…

Costume Time

Posted Sunday, November 14th, 2010 by Mollie

We didn’t do anything for Halloween, but Natalie did wear her favorite costume that day– and every other day in October.  I let her pick her own costume, and believe me, it was a tough choice between Belle and Cinderella, but Belle was the winner (despite the fact that she’s never seen the movie).  Here I have captured some classic Natalie poses: