Underwood Farms

by Mollie

I keep forgetting to post these pictures of Ben’s first pony ride!  One day Natalie was at a birthday party, so Benjamin and I headed over to Underwood Family Farms with my friend Olivia, and her daughter Grace.  Underwood has a really fun setup with animals, rides, games, tractors, and giant fields full of pumpkins.  Ben was really interested in the turkey (it was bigger than him).

Ben got to have his first pony ride!  I wasn’t sure how he’d do… mostly because he sometimes decides to scream about strangers he doesn’t like.  But he was way too pleased to notice any of that.

Grace and Ben:

I think this is the last post involving pumpkin patches…

3 Responses to “Underwood Farms”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Adorable photos! Ben looks so happy to be on that pony. 🙂

  2. Gpa &Gma Wilkie says:

    The smile on Ben’s face is wonderful in these pictures. What a good time he had! He really liked getting the ride, didn’t he? Even the pumpkin patch was fun. Thanks for all the great pictures.

  3. Grandma Julie says:

    Oh Ben, what a handsome engineer’s cap. You ARE going to be an engineer, right? Or a farmer, yee haw!

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