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Take a Glance

Posted Monday, June 29th, 2009 by Toad

It has recently been suggested that, as in the days of yore, I should post on the blog more often than, say, we have children.

It’s been a real joy watching Natalie grow up more and I’ve really been enjoying how well she’s able to communicate and interact.  Watching Ben learn to laugh or to hold on to us when he is scared has reminded me how far she’s come in just two years!

Natalie has recently “learned” to sit through a feature film from start to finish, and it’s amazing the things she takes away from her new favorite movie, Disney’s The Jungle Book.  Hardly an hour goes by now that she doesn’t remind Mollie or me that “Nata stay in the jungle!”

Today I found Natalie outside, playing on her slide, and she promptly told me, “Uh-oh, ant.”  I gave her a quizzical look, and didn’t think much of it until she leaned up to the plastic to lick an ant off of it.  “Natalie,” I asked, “are you eating the fancy ants?”

“Yes!  Eatin’ fancy ants!”

Vitamins and Minerals

Now, that’s not ants she’s eating in the picture.  A few minutes later, Mollie caught her eating dirt out of the raised garden, under the pretense of “fancy ants.”

Mmm, tasty.

Apparently, it was quite tasty.

She followed that up with threats to go play in the garden (which she knows she’s not allowed to do).  She knew we were in a playful mood…

Go here?

She’s definitely turning in to a bit of a smart alec, so Mom, I suppose you can rest assured that I will, in fact, have at least one kid just like me when I grow up.

High quality versions of the pictures above are available by clicking on them.

Easter Pictures

Posted Sunday, April 12th, 2009 by Toad

It’s Easter!  Time for fun pictures.  Ben was awake and happy, but Natalie was feeling a bit mischevious. We’ve had a good day thusfar, and Ben successfully slept through his first church service.l

Happy Easter, folks!

Easter - Natalie and Ben
Easter - Mom and Ben
Easter - Mom and Kids

Ben’s Birth Story

Posted Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 by Toad

So, by now many of you have probably heard that there is something of a story behind Ben’s birth.  Wonder no longer!

We had been planning since the start of the pregnancy to have a home birth.  It was a very exciting thing for us and we had been enjoying preparing for his arrival.  We did have a midwife, though she wasn’t there for the actual birth.  The plan, of course, was for her to be there for much of the labor process, including the birth, but Ben had other ideas.

Mollie had been up since 5 AM, and was having some contractions every 10 minutes or so.  Around 6:50, she got up to take a shower; on her way in, she woke me up and said, “Honey, I’m pretty sure I’m in labor.”  The contractions had accelerated significantly: once she stood up they were closer to two minutes apart!  I got up and got dressed and ready to call the midwife; after all, labor is hours long, right?

Not so!  During the phone call, Mollie had an obviously significant contraction, and the cell carrier dropped our call.  Before I could call the midwife back, Ben was born in our bathroom at 7:05.

After I handed him off to Mollie, I called the midwife (now on the freeway) back and, after some further instructions, helped Mollie and Ben to the bed.  We enjoyed 15 minutes or so of calm bonding time while Ben had a good cry and Mollie helped him learn to breast feed.

So, everything didn’t really go to plan, but 14-minute labors rarely do, I’d guess, and everything worked out very well.

Andy, Nata, and Ben

In the week since his birth we have already been blessed by his easy-going personality.  He is strong and healthy, and already a pro at nursing and napping.  Natalie is adjusting very well, and is very concerned that he keeps his hats on (“uh-oh, hat back!”).

Our friend Katie Moos was gracious enough to come and document the event.  Here is a slideshow of some of the great pictures she took.  Feel free to ask if you’d like any copies.

Done Waiting! (Update!)

Posted Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 by Toad

Benjamin Michael

Welcome to the world, Ben!

Benjamin Michael was born this morning at 7:05 AM, PDT.  He weighs in at 9 lbs, 9 oz and is 22 inches long — quite a bit bigger than his sister!  He is strong and healthy and Mom all are doing well.


Merry Christmas!

Posted Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 by Toad

Look!  We’re still here.  Life goes on, and Natalie continues to get older and cuter!  Today we celebrated Nata’s second Christmas Eve, whereupon she was gifted with pajamas (a tradition from my family).  Unlike last year, she immediately took to opening her gift.

Opening this gift was essentially the culmination of what amounted to days and days of trying (and sometimes not trying) to be good and not open the presents.  She had a fun time and required little assistance.

She was very excited to find her pajamas.  We’re looking forward to spending Christmas Day together, and hoping we won’t be quite as sick as today.

Recently, we had some photos taken by a photographer who attends our Adult Bible Fellowship at our church.  The results speak for themselves.

I’ll include a link to a full-size version in this post once I get it uploaded.