Early Harvest

by Mollie

The other morning I was working in the kitchen when Natalie marched in from the backyard and said, “LOOK MAMA, PEPPER!”  She had picked our tiny green bell pepper… way too early!   I was horrified but the damage was already done, so we took some pictures to document our first vegetable harvest.  (She has now been instructed not to pick anything off of the plants.)00016



Can you tell she was very proud of it?  We tried to eat it but it was nowhere near ripe enough, yuck!

6 Responses to “Early Harvest”

  1. Chelsie says:

    so cute! i love how triumphant she is in that last picture:)

  2. Grandma Wilkie says:

    Mollie, your garden looks really good! Congratulations! Natalie will love helping you pick the produce when it’s time – that will be even better than now for her. Yes, she’s proud of that pepper, and should be. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mom says:

    Working on her green thumb already! Way to go Nata! I know you will all enjoy eating what you’ve grown. Great pics! Thanks.

  4. Uncle Mike & Aunt Argelia says:

    Well, she has the right idea. You just have to work on her timing!

  5. Hannah says:

    aw what a cute little pepper! It’s so hard to wait for things to grow!

  6. Hillary says:

    I love the excitement on her face!

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