New Favorites

by Mollie

I think this is my new Favorite Picture Ever:


It features Natalie’s new hairstyle, and her newest “camera face”. She’s becoming quite the ham. Aren’t you just loving the pigtails?!

Her latest tricks are:


Holding herself up on hands and knees… she still needs help getting to this position, but can hold it really well.



Sitting up on her own!

Another favorite picture of mine:



Here’s a link to my September photo gallery if you want more. Andy and I even made it into a few pictures!

6 Responses to “New Favorites”

  1. Toad says:

    These are all such great pictures! Our daughter is so cute. 🙂

  2. Mollie says:

    Nice try. It doesn’t “count” when YOU comment, honey. 😛

  3. Ma Hoyt says:

    Bea-U-tiful child. Just too cute.

    Am slightly jealous of the butterfly pics, though…

  4. Mom says:

    What??? my comment didn’t post. 🙁 Yes, these pictures are the cutest! I have shown them off at work much to the delight of my co-workers. They agree that I have the cutest grandbabies ever. Well the ones with no grandbabies do!

    The pigtails are TOO cute!

  5. Toad says:

    I can’t comment to why any previous comments of yours may not have posted, but it’s looking like wordpress is making me re-approve most of our commenters. Rest assured that any comments that actually make it to the system will be approved within an hour or two. 😉

  6. Grandma Wilkie says:

    Such a fine little girl! Thank you, Mollie, for giving us such fine glimpses of her little self. You two are doing such a good job with her. We\’re proud of you.

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