by Mollie

Natalie is nearly 6 months old already! She can almost sit up on her own, and her first tooth has popped through! Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

As usual, she is cheerful and excited about life 99% of the time. Here she is excited about her new headband (I wish you could hear the sound effects).


She is getting very active, rolling all over the place, but still likes to cuddle with her mama:


She had her first trip to the Ventura County Fair, where she met a goat and tried very hard to eat Mike’s nachos:


She can’t eat nachos yet, but she enjoys her cereal and drinking from our cups.


Last week Natalie got to meet her cousins Lily (5) and Mia (2). They are the daughters of my sister Katie. She loved watching them, and they were so sweet playing with her. The girls are wearing coordinating outfits from my mom.



As for Andy and I, we haven’t been doing much of anything lately because we both have had a really bad cold. Hopefully we will be better soon and able to go back to normal life!

3 Responses to “August”

  1. Grandma Wilkie says:

    Great pictures of Natalie again! Oh, yes, she\’s growing up and doing wonderful things. How nice she could meet her cousins. Hope andy and Mollie are feeling better now.

  2. Dad Wilkie says:

    Great pics of Natalie. She\’s always happy! Keep them coming.

  3. JCJ says:

    We love the new pics and can’t wait to see her next weekend!

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