First Week of “School” 2010

by Mollie

Ready or not, we started our fall activities this past week!  Technically it’s not school, but it feels like it.

Tuesdays we go to Little Lights, a mommy-and-me style Kindergarten readiness program at church.  Natalie is still 2 years away from Kindergarten, but I was  able to get her into this program this year and I think it will be really good for her!  Personally I am most looking forward to all the field trips.  She’s loving it so far.  Each mom has a job, and mine is basically assistant to the program director- I handle the finances, making sure the announcements get communicated to all the moms each week, and other random stuff that comes up.

Thursday was the first day of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).  This is my second and final year being coordinator of this group. Our first meeting was a lot of fun, I am excited to spend more time with my ladies, and hope that the speakers I have lined up for this year are a blessing to them!  While I am there, the kids go to Moppets, the childcare program.  I’m sure Ben loves running around with all the other 1-year-old (that is a fun age group to observe), and I am so happy that Natalie’s teacher is Mrs. Campbell again.  She always has the greatest crafts and games and Bible lessons for the kids… it is like preschool but way less expensive, hehe.  Natalie always tells me what she did with her friends afterwards… so cute!

I tried to get some pictures with the kids as we headed out the door but they are not big fans.  I guess some good skills to work on this year would be how to not look pained for the camera (Natalie), how to hold still for 5 seconds (Ben’s not smiling, he’s screaming and trying to escape), and how to correctly frame your subject in a photograph (Andy– just teasing honey!).

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  1. Gpa &Gma Wilkie says:

    All these wonderful pictures! Mollie, it’s very special to me to have you involved with the MOPS program, taking an active part. I wish it had been available when our family was young. We had lots of good activities, though, as the children got older. Ask Ted about Jet Cadets sometimes. He and sister Jan went through that program. When all the family was out of the house except Rob, I went to Bible Study Fellowship for 6 years. What a blessing that was!

    The picture of you and Natalie is beautiful!
    Love you all…

  2. Chelsie says:

    love the blog post! that is so amazing that the church has a group like that! i’m having a hard time meeting other people intending to home school since our church is also the largest private school in the area.. and i totally understand about the “pain face” pose.. jackson is also an expert:) lol! i can’t believe how much our kids have changed in the year+ we’ve been gone!

  3. Hillary says:

    So cute! I’m glad you are enjoying MOPS again for another year!

  4. Grandma Julie says:

    Oh, the first day of “school” is always a highlight–especially homeschool! It’s not always the most picturesque moment, but hopefully these will stir fond memories of the school year. God is faithful day by day and year by year. Too bad Dad didn’t take a picture of Michael and I on our first day of school. Pain face.

  5. HANNAH says:

    Those are hilarious expressions! They will be great memories 🙂

  6. Laura says:

    OH my goodness, Natalie is so beautiful!!! WOW!!
    And mr. Ben cracks me up. Is it even POSSIBLE that he will be even CUTER with hairrr??

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