Natalie’s “Ginger House”

by Mollie

Last weekend was a rainy one, so this was a fun indoor activity.  I made the first batch of icing way too thick, it was more like fondant… so it was a challenge to get the house to stick together.   But Natalie didn’t care, she was sooooo excited.


We were halfway done by the time she realize everything was edible,I thought that was funny.


Natalie named some of the candies Mommy, Daddy, Natalie and Baby, and put them in “beds” in front of the house.  She had a whole story going on there, she is quite imaginative.


3 Responses to “Natalie’s “Ginger House””

  1. Hillary says:

    She is growing up so fast! Did you get a new couch or just a new couch cover?

  2. Gpa & Gma Wilkie says:

    What fun for Natalie to help with a Ginger House! She sure is having fun! Merry Christmas!

  3. marisa says:

    AWWW! so so cute!!!

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