A Home Improvement Story

by Mollie

This week something very important happened– I bought my first piece of REAL furniture! A pretty seafoam colored suede sofa. I love to decorate but I’ve never really had the money to get the things I want. I saved my money all summer and after much searching found a couch that I really like.

But before you see a picture of that, you have to see what our place looked like in the beginning. When we first moved here, the walls were covered with ugly, outdated wallpaper. It only took a couple weeks of putting up with that for us to ask the landlords if we could tear it down and paint. They loved the idea– no surprise there.



So that’s what it looked like when we moved in. Except that as you can see, I’d already started tearing down the wallpaper border when I decided I should get before and after pictures. 🙂 Pretty “blah”, right? And not at ALL my style. Actually these pictures don’t do justice to how ugly the paper was, at least in my mind. Weird orange and blue with pinecones/pineapples… we never could figure it out exactly. I told Andy it was opressing me.


What an improvement!

I really like the pillows that came with the couch. 🙂

To make things fit nicely, my desk had to get banished to the funky little space right beside the front door. But it works, since now I can’t store random junk there like I was before.Then I have also planned to avail plumbing services by finding a reliable plumbing contractor .

What a difference, huh? I feel like I finally have a grown-up living room! Next project: bedroom. I will probably start ripping out wallpaper there this weekend.

5 Responses to “A Home Improvement Story”

  1. Obnoxious sister in law says:

    nice couch…
    is it big enough for me to sleep on next monday???
    glad u got rid of junk by the door too.

  2. Mom Toad says:

    Very nice! I like the couch. We are in the market for a new couch too! But probably first a bed for the guest bedroom, so y’all will have a place to sleep when you come visit. No more awful futon!

    Looks very different even from when we visited. I’m glad you’re enjoying making it pretty!

    Thanks for showing it off.

  3. Joj says:

    Umm…. what did you do with the oh-so-wonderful-for-reading brown couch that you stole from my living room? Hmm???

  4. Toad says:

    We gave it to Mollie’s folks, so that they could see if anyone they knew wanted it, or else Mollie’s had has several dumpsters that he can put it in (being a contractor). So, we don’t know just what’s become of it… but it smelled pretty bad, so I don’t think you’re really gonna miss it that much… 🙂

  5. Termarand says:

    Hey, your place is looking very nice!!! Like the couch. Very classy!!

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