Christmas 2011

by Mollie

I know it is embarrassingly late to be posting anything from Christmas, but my sister specifically asked for some pictures.  Sadly, I barely took any pictures at our family gatherings (and December in general) due to being so sick all month. I wish there were better representation of all the people and events (so sorry, family), but here are a few pictures.

Christmas Eve at my Aunt’s house:

The set of fake mustaches were my White Elephant gift… so awesome.

The outside table might have gotten a little silly, and Laura might have regretted sitting with us.


Jamie built a castle out of cups and those party poppers.

Ben’s White Elephant gift was a package of Gerber Puffs (baby food), which he thoroughly enjoyed after dinner with his BFF Aunt Jamie.

Christmas Day brunch was at my house after church:


The End!

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