Blueberry Picking

by Mollie

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post!  We’ve been busy with our summer activities… ballet lessons, beach days, zoo trips, and even a weekend out of town for the grown-ups…

Last week we went blueberry picking at a friend’s ranch, and came home with about 5 pounds of blueberries!  Not bad considering I was picking one-handed, holding Ben in one arm (he was having a rough morning).  Natalie was a great little helper until she decided to dump her bucket out on the ground and start over… AHHH!!  But she had a ton of fun with her BFF Bekah, and other friends from church.

Ben was only happy when there was a steady stream of blueberries from the bush to his mouth!  I had to work hard to replace the berries he was taking from my bag.  He was covered in dirt by the end, but that’s pretty much the way it goes around here.

That’s what my 5 pounds of blueberries looked like… I froze 1/3, gave 1/3 to my mom, and the last 1/3 was eaten fresh within a week.  I didn’t even have a chance to make some kind of special dessert!

7 Responses to “Blueberry Picking”

  1. marisa says:

    oooh yum!!! what a fun way to spend a day!

  2. Hillary says:

    yum! blueberries are like candy to me.

  3. Chelsie says:

    so fun! gerry berries are the best!

  4. Gpa &Gma Wilkie says:

    We agree! gerry berries are the best! What a fine and productive time you had, and the children, too. Love the pictures of Natalie and her friend. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Looks like you had a great time! Love the pic of Natalie and her Bff. So cute. The blueberries look delicious!

  6. Sharra says:

    That looks like so much fun! I can’t wait until the fall to go apple picking with Ella and the new baby 🙂 I love to make apple pies from scratch too.

  7. Mom says:

    Did you read Blueberries for Sal before or after this trip? That is a favorite book that I’m sure Natalie would love, especially since she has been blueberry picking!! In fact, I saw it in Maine and almost bought a copy for her, but thought you might already have it. 🙂

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