Christmas Eve Pictures

by Mollie

Let’s go back in time so I can catch up on the last couple Christmas events… I know my family will want to see the pictures!

Christmas Eve was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house, as usual.  It is always a wonderful, welcoming place to spend time with the family.  Andy had to work until noon so we got a late start on the day.  Fortunately Natalie was able to hitch a ride with Grandma and Grandpa so she would not have to miss out on a single minute.  By the time we arrived she had already opened her present and was proudly displaying her baked goods:

What a cute little cookie set (made of wood, with velcro to attach to tray and icing) and baker’s outfit.  I wonder where she learned to love baking?!

The kids had so much fun playing with their relatives, we are blessed with such a loving family.

The table setting looked like something from a magazine, as usual.

I made red velvet cake with fluffy frosting and toasted coconut and it was delicious.  I tried so hard to wait for the coffee to brew but did not succeed.

The kids were tired after a long day and big (delicious) meal!

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  1. Chelsie says:

    amazing pictures! it’s so great to see what you all were up to over the holidays.. and that red velvet cake looks insane! i don’t think i would have been able to wait for coffee to brew either!

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