by Toad

On Natalie’s second day at home, she got a visit from her cousin Jackson!  We also enjoyed the company of her Aunts Joanna, Alison, and Chelsie, Uncle Jim, and Grandpa Wilkie.

At first, Jackson was a little curious:

Jackson is Curious about Natalie

Soon, however, he conquered his fears.  Is he giving her the Vulcan Mindmeld?

Jackson Gives Natalie Mindmeld?

After a bit of play time, they both enjoyed being held by Grandpa Wilkie!

Jackson, Natalie, and Grandpa Wilkie

2 Responses to “Cousins”

  1. Grandma Wilkie says:

    We sure are enjoying those pictures! Thanks, and have a good week with that new little girl.

  2. Ted says:

    What a fun time today. Sure love these two little ones.

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