Not Today

by Mollie

Just an update: Not looking like it’s going to be today! Feeling about the same as yesterday. I’ve felt some stronger contractions, but nothing regular yet– just a few here and there, kinda hard to notice or keep track of. Tomorrow I will see my doctor again so we will see if there are any changes and I will update again. I’m still guessing this weekend at the earliest, more likely next week. I feel way too normal right now to possibly be about to have a baby!

2 Responses to “Not Today”

  1. Mom Toad says:

    Exciting to see things progressing so smoothly. Keep up those walks. I remember going to the playground to swing in hopes of encouraging Andy’s arrival….. He wasn’t impressed.

  2. Toad says:

    Maybe that’s why I’ve never liked playground swings… 😛

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