22 weeks, 18 to go…

by Mollie

As requested… 🙂

Just after we found out, about 4 weeks along:


And now….
4.5 months and 17 pounds (!!!) later:


My belly button has turned completely inside out, which is… different.  I don’t mind if people touch my belly but NOT my belly button, it feels too weird.

Natalie has been on a growth spurt this past week.  I can tell because:

1)  I have an insatiable appetite and the ability to eat huge amounts of food without getting full,

2)  I can feel Natalie moving around a lot stronger this week, including very distinct kicks and punches.

Last night Andy felt her kick for the first time!  So she really is getting bigger.  She should  weigh about a pound now.

IMG_1019.JPG  <--- Natalie love

3 Responses to “22 weeks, 18 to go…”

  1. Mom Toad says:

    Yay for more pictures!! You look adorable.

  2. Obnoxious sister in law says:

    17 pounds! OMG! thats like almost how much i gained since spring time!!! and i have no excuse… im definately not pregnant!
    i went shopping for jeans this week… bad idea. well, actually, maybe good idea because i actually got my lazy butt out of bed and went to the gym for an hour this morning….
    yay for natalie though… can’t wait for march!

  3. Ma Hoyt says:

    You look super. Seventeen pounds is not overly much. I would tell you how much I gained with most of mine, but I understand expectant mothers should not be subjected to extraordinary shocks….

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