Beer and a Trip to San Diego

by Toad

Look! We’re not dead. We’re very much alive and have been busy, which has led to our lack of posting recently… First off, you should all know that I found a beer that was clearly made for me.

Black Toad

Black Toad is a dark, “chestnut” colored beer with a nut-y flavor, which is further more named for me, a man who appreciates a good dark beer.

One of the things we’ve been busy with is a fun trip to San Diego last weekend, to visit our friends Jubal and Suzanne Marlatt, and The Dinwiddie Family. On our way down, we found an interesting Vietnamese restaurant in Oceanside…

Pho OK & Buffet

First off, when did “OK” become a noun? And, what really is an OK? Whatever it may be, it has another sign that claims that “We Carry: Dine In & Take Out; Special Order; Party & Birthday Group; Gift Certificate Available; Catering.” Last time I checked a “Gift Certificate Available” was a complete sentence. How do you carry a sentence? Go go Engrish!

Sunday in San Diego we spent the afternoon in Balboa Park. We went to the Natural History museum and the Air and Space museum, which were both very fun. We also saw a big pipe organ, and a tree with some mighty impressive roots, which are pictured for you below. I wish I had a person in the tree picture for scale, but those roots are probably a good 50 feet long.

Big TreeOrgan at Balboa Park

This week, we’re off to a business trip in glorious Stockton, CA, which I’m hoping will go smoothly. More on that later.

6 Responses to “Beer and a Trip to San Diego”

  1. Mom Toad says:

    Yay for more posting!

    Did you get to hear part of the Sunday organ recital? I remember going to those when I was a kid growing up in the area. I was also a rehearsal pianist for the Starlight Opera for awhile; they performed in that pavillion on Summer evenings.

    I will always love San Diego!

  2. Toad says:

    We did get to hear part of the recital, which was a nice French piece (according to the Organist) that I didn’t recognize. The picture was actually taken during the recital (hence all the people and umbrellas). No operas with young red-haired pianists though. 😉

  3. Obnoxious sister in law says:

    so… when are u visiting with some of this fabulous beer?

  4. Angela says:

    I love pipe organs, and outdoors?! I am jealous!

    Also, you can just say “nutty.” That’s the technical term. 😛

  5. Chad says:

    Hey! Is that Jubal, like is or was a navy seabee? I have been looking for him for ages. We were friends when he was in dive school in Panama City Florida. If that’s him, can you put me in touch with him???

  6. Cristina says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one looking for Jubal! LOL! Did your friend attend Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles? Beautiful site BTW. Congratulations on having a lovely family.

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