Fast Flying

by Toad

So, this weekend is a bit interesting. My company sent me (or rather, let me go) to an all-expense paid seminar put on by Price about air distribution, particularly some alternative delivery methods, and sound control. I left Thursday morning at 7:05 AM from Burbank, and will get back tonight (Friday) at 8:40 PM.
Now, that’s not really that abnormal, but this weekend is the Budlong company picnic, which happens to be two nights at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas (on the company), including a dinner at Planet Hollywood. Now, that’s Saturday and Sunday nights, meaning that after I get home from Phoenix in the wee hours of the night, I get to get up early-ish and drive to Las Vegas by 3 PM for our check in time.

In other news, more manufacturers should send me to seminars, feed me, give me free clothes, and douse me in free alchohol.

3 Responses to “Fast Flying”

  1. Mollie says:

    You forgot about how they should shuttle you around in that limo more, too! 🙂

  2. Mom Toad says:

    Limos, free clothes, free food, free alcohol…. sounds like you landed a great job! 🙂

  3. Punk! I need free limo rides and free alcohol!

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