Ahh… Tucson

by Toad

Well, last time I was in Tucson, it was 115 degrees, 90 at night, and my Saturn would overheat on level ground trying to run the AC in the heat. This time, it’s mid-70s at night, and our Escort’s temperature gauge hasn’t crept up a single time on the entire trip, AC not withstanding.

We’re staying on the West end of town, after a long 15-hour day of driving. Getting two time changes in the space of six hours helped a lot with keeping things going, and the drive felt fairly quick and was thoroughly uneventful. Later this week, hopefully Mollie can give you her perspective on that. 🙂

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  1. Ma Hoyt says:

    Well now, another blog to add to my bookmarks 🙂

    (fortunately, the link at your sidebar worked….)

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