Catching Up: The End of Summer

by Mollie

I guess we have been enjoying life too much to blog lately! It has been a while.  Thanks to Andy for the last post comparing our kids in the morning… that cracked me up, and I can vouch that it is a very accurate portrayal of our mornings!  After our super busy June/July/early August, complete with family wedding and camping trip, the rest of the summer was pretty low key. Lots of hanging out with family, chasing lizards and snails, painting, playing dress up…  We didn’t do as much, I didn’t take as many pictures, and definitely didn’t get any pictures into blog-able form.  However, I am trying to stay organized with my photos for my ongoing photo album project, so here is my August/September photo dump with occasional captions… enjoy.

{Wine makes Little Caesar’s pizza totally fancy, try it!}

{We inherited all these tiny cars. What a great toy for endless fun!}

{I love our house and especially our covered patio. In summer, our living space doubles and I can host larger groups of people!}

{No, we did not get a super cute Labradoodle puppy this summer, though I’m sure nothing would thrill Ben more. She belongs to the cousins!}

{Natalie comes up with these outfits all on her own, she’s pretty good, right?}

{I was trying to get some photography practice, playing with light. Easier said than done!}

{Ben is my little chef. He begs to help me make coffee, bread, and pesto (“leaves” as he calls it), and takes it very seriously. He will eat anything as long as it has pesto on it (such as asparagus). I’ve made it so many times for so many years, I don’t use a recipe any more, but I recommend this one if you want to try it (which you should). Sometimes I leave out the pine nuts and it still tastes awesome.}

{Other random ways we entertain ourselves at home:}

{Watching a movie while brushing Natalie’s hair.}

Well I am out of time and really needing to get to bed… and I haven’t even posted pictures from September yet! More to come…

4 Responses to “Catching Up: The End of Summer”

  1. Gpa and Gma Wilkie says:

    A wonderful photo dump! Thanks so much for sharing! How wonderful you can have so many good times with your family. Great pictures of Natalie and Ben and their doings. Love you all…

  2. Hillary says:

    so fun! I love the outdoor eating…and the wine with pizza is always a winning combo!

  3. Grandma Julie says:

    Oh sweet times getting together under your patio cover! Great group shots of pizza night and the family summer birthdays. Wonderful having a photographer in the family. Could you “practice” doing a family photo of us here at our temporary Camarillo home? Let’s make it an “E” ticket ride!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I loved looking at these photos! Looks like you had a wonderful summer. 🙂

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