by Mollie

This week my sister Jamie graduated from college!  She got her degree in Music Performance (Violin) at CSUN.  I didn’t attend the actual graduation, because that is just not an appropriate place to take your new baby and energetic toddler.  But here’s a picture of the graduate I stole from my other sister’s Facebook:


My funny family:


Afterward I met them at a more kid-friendly place to hang out, a park in Northridge.  Natalie had the greatest time chasing squirrels (the ones at this park are NOT afraid of people, or soccer balls, or anything!) and blowing bubbles.



It feels a lot more like summer in Northridge than it does in Camarillo!  Notice Natalie’s PINK cheeks and me squinting, it sure was hot and sunny there.



Even though Jamie has her music degree now, I selfishly hope she will never quit her day job at Anthropologie. I love taking advantage of her employee discount!  She just transferred to a management position at the Thousand Oaks store (she was previously in Simi Valley) and will probably be moving to the area soon, yay!

2 Responses to “Graduated!”

  1. marisa says:

    ah! i am so jealous that you know someone with a discount at anthropologie. it is by far one of my favorite stores. even if you don’t buy something, it’s nice to wander and get inspired!

  2. Hillary says:

    Great idea to meet at a park. I hate going to graduations so I told my parents that they were the only one required to be there. I also decided to walk with Ryan so our families only had to go to one ceremony.

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