Natalie’s Hummingbirds

by Mollie

This week, a pair of hummingbirds seem to have taken up residence in the bougainvillea bush outside Natalie’s window.  Every time we’re changing her clothes or diaper, those birds are sitting on the wire or flying around.  Natalie loves to watch them.  She calls them “bir” (bird) and has also started saying “little” to describe them.  Here’s a couple pictures… it’s really hard to take pictures of hummingbirds, by the way!


They are both in this picture, can you see them?  One is on the lower wire.



6 Responses to “Natalie’s Hummingbirds”

  1. Toad says:

    My little girl is really growing up! Also, I like that she is holding that iPod cable in the middle picture. Definitely a good techno-baby. 😉

  2. JCJC says:

    awesome picture taking mollie! it really shows how pretty your place is..

  3. Grandma Wilkie says:

    What fun for Natalie to have the hummingbirds right there where she can watch them! Your place is so pretty with all the flowers. Thank you for sharing.
    Love to all of you…

  4. Who knows Natalie may become a lifelong birdwatcher and nature lover. I hope so, because there is so much to see, enjoy and discover.

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  5. Mom says:

    Great pictures Mollie! You have such beautiful subjects to work with!

  6. Hillary says:

    What a great view the three of you have!

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