By Popular Demand

by Toad

In response to some angry threats by some people, here are some pics of our 7 week old Natalie Paige!

Lately, Natalie has been enjoying her baths.

Bath Time!

Baths are fun, but windows are distracting!

Window Watcher Washer!

This evening, Natalie had fun showing off her genius-face.

What a cute face!

After some tummy time, she got rolled over. Is she surprised?

Surprised Natalie?

Later on, she helped Dad tank some mobs!


2 Responses to “By Popular Demand”

  1. Grandma Wilkie says:

    Wonderful new pictures. Thank you! Natalie is sure developing nicely – a sweet little girl. June, and a chance to see her, is only 2 months way – yea!

  2. Dad says:

    I know that there was a particular reason for this bath. It was fun seeing her enjoy it so much.

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