What’s in a Name?

by Toad

I, honestly, have never been so impressed by society’s potential for butchering names–that they are looking at–as I am today. Not only is my car deeded to Andrew and Molly Wilkerson (a fiasco that is still being worked out with Austin), today I received my new Health Insurance cards… for Andrew Williman and Molly Williams. Now, I’ve seen a lot of ways to misspell Wilkinson (the HR officer at my previous job even misspelled it “Wilkonson” on the resignation form), but Williman and Williams are new on me.

What bothers me isn’t that they get the names wrong… that’s an honest mistake. What bothers me is that they’ve got the correct spelling sitting right in front of them and they still get it wrong. Honestly, on something as important as a pink slip or a heath insurance card, doesn’t the spelling bear a second glance?

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  1. Ziggy says:

    Hey Mollie! No one has posted about re-painting the house! It’s the perfect subject! You could even put pictures up! Use exclamation points too!

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