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So, we’re back in Camarillo, and mostly settled into our (somewhat smaller) apartment. It’s not really much smaller than our apartment in Longview, but we’re pretty sure that the majority of the size difference was in the bedroom closet (in Longview we had a big walk-in closet, here we have a little thing with two sliding doors that make it impossible to organize, as Mollie has pointed out to me). As a result, we’ve got some boxes still here and there, but by and large things are coming together nicely to make it a nice living space for us, at least for the time being.

In other news, things out here are just weird. So many things that I remember from growing up here, and now I’m trying to sort them into their places in my new life, which is really completely different from my life in Longview, and a far cry entirely from my life in Camarillo before I left for school. As I said in “Life and Times…” on Isqua Istari, it’s not bad, it’s just weird, and it’s a lot of change. Change is good, or so they say, but it can be trying (and tiring), and we’re kind of still waiting for something to actually feel “normal” again.I start work at Budlong & Associates on Monday… more on that when it happens. 😉

If you want some pictures, feel free to check out the rest:

Noodle Dome?  Don't ask us...

Noodle Dome? Don’t ask us…

Hrmm... I don't think I want to live there.

Now, I’ve been wrong before, but I don’t think I want to live there…

The Big V

I’ve forgotten the name of the town… but it has a V!

Thassa big cactus
Sometimes, even cacti need some pondering.

Apartment #1

Here’s a look into our apartment from just inside. It looks nicer than that now. 🙂

Apartment #2

Another look at the living room. It looks like that now, only without the stuff lying all over the floor. 😉

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