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Costume Time

Posted Sunday, November 14th, 2010 by Mollie

We didn’t do anything for Halloween, but Natalie did wear her favorite costume that day– and every other day in October.  I let her pick her own costume, and believe me, it was a tough choice between Belle and Cinderella, but Belle was the winner (despite the fact that she’s never seen the movie).  Here I have captured some classic Natalie poses:


Posted Thursday, November 4th, 2010 by Mollie

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It’s a good thing we keep the camera handy so we can remember  funny little moments like this.  We were getting ready for church when Andy caught Ben “shaving” his face with my hair dryer.

Not so funny: in a 24 hour period, Ben broke my steam mop (so sad), brought me a dead bird that he found in the yard, and burned him self on the toaster.  He keeps me on my toes.

Natalie wanted me to take her picture with the paper full of “N”‘s she wrote for Grandma.  She said, “WAIT! Let me put my pen in my ear first!”  I started to tell her that we do NOT put pens in our ears, then realized she was doing the same thing I always do with my pens.




September- A Picture Post

Posted Thursday, September 30th, 2010 by Mollie

Just another day of dress up with Natalie, the Snorkeling Cowgirl Princess in a backwards shirt!

Little Lights had a transportation themed field trip the Oxnard Airport, as well as the train station.  My kids were a little scared of the airplane and Natalie refused to sit in it when she had the chance, but that’s okay.  Maybe transportation isn’t her thing.  I have a feeling next month’s farm field trip will be more her style.

The kids got new pajamas for fall.  This is a REALLY. BIG. DEAL. in our house.   These pictures are blurry because I didn’t use the flash but too cute to not post.

Natalie had her first trip to the dentist.  I am glad I waited till she was a little older because she did amazingly well!  She had a full cleaning, and didn’t have any cavities.  She talks a lot about plaque now.  Ben is also really picking up on oral hygiene.  He loves for us to brush his teeth, and the other day I caught him brushing his baby’s teeth.

It’s great that Ben loves babies because we have a little buddy named Will who comes to our house on Mondays while his mommy works.  The kids ADORE him and it’s so much fun to have him around!  Nata can play on the floor with him for hours, and Ben showers him in kisses.

September was a really busy month but there are some highlights for you at least!

Learning to Swim

Posted Thursday, June 10th, 2010 by Mollie

Natalie did a GREAT job during her two weeks of swimming lessons! I am really glad that we decided to go with these semi-private lessons, it was totally worth the expense and the daily drive to Newbury Park.  It was fun to see Natalie’s water skills improve so much over such a short time.  At the end of the first week, she was grumpy, tired, and not happy at all that the no-nonsense teacher was making her do so many hard things.  She told me she didn’t want to swim any more.  But after the holiday weekend to recuperate, she went back and LOVED it.

One day Natalie saw one of the older classes jumping off the diving board, and became obsessed with it (which I thought was funny since she was kind of scared of the water and hated putting her face in it).  On the last day, the three kids in her class got to jump too.  I was really surprised, but she came up smiling, then jumped a second time!

At three years old, it is pretty hard to be coordinated enough to swim with arms and legs at the same time.  Natalie got a lot of practice with the kick board and empty milk bottles (genius idea).  As you can see, she is all smiles in these pictures.  She gained so much confidence by the last day, she even let go of the side and floundered around a bit, whoops… thankfully she’s become practiced at holding her breath, and managed to come up not even sputtering.

She can float like this for 10 seconds! Hopefully we can get enough pool time to keep her skills up this summer.

Summer’s Coming!

Posted Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 by Mollie

The weather has been perfectly pleasant lately and starting to feel summery… I do love this time of year in California. How can we tell that summer is right around the corner?

The garden is in full swing!  Corn, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, various herbs, and a couple mystery seedlings that came up on their own.  We are super excited to make our completely homegrown, made from scratch organic salsa this year!

Natalie wears her swimsuit around the house and yard just because (“choose your battles” and all that).  We have yet to go to the pool or even play in the sprinkler this year, but don’t tell her!

Finding “roly-poly” bugs or pill bugs is a big thing for Natalie and her friends right now.  She is studying one in the photo below.  When she finds one she comes running to tell me excitedly, and wants me to put it in a jar and make a little home for it.  Don’t ask her to touch it though– guess she’s not much of a creepy crawlies person.