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Early Fatherhood

Posted Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 by Toad

So, I noticed that I’ve been, well, lax in my updating, while my wife has been much better about it than me. 😉 Thus, I figured that I ought to drop by and give an update from my perspective.

Work has been about the same as when last I posted; I’m enjoying the work and am being given some of my own projects, which is a good combination of challenging and fun. The apartment is very much our home now, and we’re trying to figure out where to put some baby furnishings. 😉

As Mollie mentioned in her last post, we’re expecting a baby! This is very exciting for both of us, and has introduced a lot of new challenges in our lives. To keep poor Mollie’s tummy happy, our eating habits have gotten a little weird, and there’s lots of last-minute shopping trips or being roused from bed to get new water bottles on my part. I’m really not complaining, though, because even though it doesn’t sound all that fun (and indeed isn’t always), I am overcome with joy at the prospect of having a child, and I am so happy that I can take care of Mollie when she’s not feeling well.

Excepting the baby news, there haven’t been that many new developments in our lives these past few weeks, but that news is probably development enough for a little while. 😉

Little Tadpole

Posted Friday, August 4th, 2006 by Mollie

It’s really in there! We could hear and see the heartbeat on the ultrasound this morning. Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t look like a baby to you, it looks like a grainy blob to me too. 🙂
As for me, I am very tired all the time and my life now revolves around eating whatever temporarily relieves the nausea on that particular day. (The magic foods right now are protein bars and Taco Bell. Yum!) Andy has been extremely helpful and patient, putting up with my random cravings and aversions, running to the store at all hours of the night because I’m too sick to go buy the one food that will make me feel better. What a trooper!

That’s all for now, time for my nap.

Don’t give up on me yet…

Posted Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 by Mollie

I meant to post more often, but it’s already been almost two weeks! I promise it’s because we haven’t done anything interesting. I still go to the gym a lot and make brownies way too often (learned to make them from scratch… WAY to convenient now!). That’s about it.
The weather has been crazy though, so hot and humid. I walk outside and it feels exactly like I am back in Texas! Very eerie! Thankfully our air conditioning finally works, so I don’t have to retreat to the grocery store or other cool places in the afternoon when the house heats up.

Tomorrow night we are going to the Hollywood Bowl, so perhaps I will have some pictures and something interesting to say about that. Jamie got us free tickets. Yay for musician sisters with connections!

I still don’t know how to post pictures. Sorry! Keep coming back for more updates.

Crappy Town?

Posted Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 by Toad

Back before the Cynic turned into a Nice Guy, he started a list of crappy towns. I believe, now, that I have found the winner.

Now, we’ve all heard the joke about cities with populations less than their elevation. We probably even all know a few of them. Generally, however, we don’t find cities with populations considerably less than 1/100th of their elevation.

Yes, friends, the city of Mountain Pass, California
is a community of thirty people (yes, the sign said 30, I wish I’d got a picture) cast among the crags of the mountains along the California-Nevada border along I-15. I say “cast,” because while the word I first thought of was “nestled,” it occurs to me that “nestling” implies some care, and this collection of homes surrounding a broken-down stone mill gives no such impression.

To boot, there are no services of any kind in Mountain Pass: not even a gas station. The closest gas station is 4 miles to the west, and gas there is a low-low $4.29/gal, and the closest market is in Baker, CA, a good 15-30 minutes to the west. Yes, Mountain Pass is the epitome of convenience!

With that, Scholl, please consider my addition to your list.

New Habit?

Posted Friday, July 14th, 2006 by Mollie

Hello everyone, this is Mollie.  I’m finally posting!  I will try to make it a habit, I promise.

Since we moved back to California, I have pretty much just been taking it easy and being a housewife.  It’s a lot of fun!  It’s nice to have time to do the chores, errands, and cooking before Andy gets home so we can spend time relaxing together, and I’m not exhausted and mentally drained at the end of the day like I was when I worked full time.

A typical day for me starts at 7.  I drop Andy off at work at 8 and head to the gym for a couple hours.  I run 3-5 miles a day, then either lift weights or take an hour-long class- cycling, pilates, or yoga.  The rest of the morning, I usually do stuff around the house- straighten everything up, do any cleaning that needs to be done, water my plants, etc.  After lunch I run errands or do fun stuff.  I read, go shopping, go to the beach, go to my parent’s house and scrapbook with my sister… stuff like that.  In the evening, we hang out with our friends, go out, take long walks around the neighborhood, or just sit around the house.  It’s nothing exciting, but I love it!

We started a little project when we first moved here that kept me busy for a couple weeks… tearing down the wallpaper in the living room and painting the walls.  The wallpaper was really… um… funky… and I could not stand it, so I was happy when the landlords said they didn’t like it either.  I will post some before and after pictures soon, it is SUCH an improvement.  I can’t post any right now because I don’t know how and Andy is still in Arizona, but I will.  Anyway our place is so cute, I really like it.  Much better than apartment living.

Well, that is all I have to say today.  I need to start packing for our trip to Vegas, then it’s off to Trader Joe’s (my fave grocery store and one of the best things about being back in California!) for some food to take on the trip.  I am not eating overpriced, fattening food all weekend!!

You should leave me some comments, it might encourage me to post again. 🙂